Parts that will get you home

Welcome to Terrain Tamer, the leader in 4WD original replacement parts. With a history dating back to 1969 we continue to deliver on our promise of quality, research and design to give you parts that are tested in the toughest Australian outback environments.

We are Australia's biggest specialist supplier of 4WD replacement parts to the industry.

We have an enormous network of repairers we deal with everywhere, everyday. So if your stuck and in need of repairs from the top of Cape York to the bottom of a Kalgoorlie mine then we will make some calls and complete the connection. Terrain Tamer maintains a massive range of stock in our warehouses in every major Australian City.

So next time you break down in the bush, it is Terrain Tamer that will get you home.


Have a Braided Brake

11 November 2021

During my time at work many new items cross my desk which, while of interest, do not need my direct involvement.

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The Rotor Choice

16 October 2021

Life seems to be more and more about choices these days.

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The Forgotten Caliper with A.G. from TT

16 September 2021

Calipers would have to be the most forgotten, neglected and abused part of a motor vehicle.

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Welcome to my Pad with A.G. from TT

16 August 2021

Brake disc pad qualities include

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